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The aptitude test is the basic preliminary test that every company conducts before hiring the freshers. The aptitude section of all the major exams has more weightage. Almost 60% of students are eliminated in the aptitude round. Sometimes we practice the same for months but still not able to crack aptitude exams. We know all the formulas and everything but always panicked while solving the questions. Sometimes we get stuck on one question and run out of time to attempt all questions. We get confused while solving diagrammatical and Data Analysis questions.

We all know basic math but under pressure, we even get the right ones wrong. An aptitude test is just an extended form of mathematics that we studied in class 9 & 10. We can solve the same questions at home but not in the exam as there is a time limit for solving questions and we are not prepared to handle the pressure. Aptitude tests mean practice and practice. The best thing we could do is prepare as much as one can before we attempt aptitude in exams.

The best way to solve our problems is to attempt it.

If you have enough preparation before the exam then you can perform better than 70% of the students. In this time you can take help from the Websites that offer tests as well as study material for preparation. So, the best website would be the one that teaches you to handle these major hinders for cracking any aptitude exam. The list includes some free as well as some paid websites that you can use to excel in the exam.


FACE Prep is an initiative of FACE — Focus Academy for Career Enhancement. FACE is India’s largest employability-skills development enterprise which has helped more than 25 Lakh students across 1500+ Colleges gain entry-level jobs, primarily in the IT sector.

FACE Prep is one of the best places on the internet to prepare for your dream Tech job and over a million students across the country already trust FACE Prep for their job preparation.

Pros —

  • FACEprep provides a simple yet effective user interface for the test.
  • It offers company-specific aptitude preparation, Subject-specific (Quantitative, Verbal, Logical, algorithms), subject-specific videos, Webinars, paid subscription workshops.

Suggested topics

  • Company-specific paid preparation
  • Verbal reasoning


Indiabix is a website that holds all the information about placement drives and upcoming government exams. One can easily prepare for any exam with the help of this website. The UI of this website is fine but the content is top-notch. It has all the info needed for a student to crack any exam. The different sectional headings are General Aptitude, Verbal and Reasoning, Online Test, Interview, Puzzles, General Knowledge, Engineering, Programming, Technical MCQs, Technical Short Answers, and Medical/Science. Each of these sections has a list of topics included. But this website has so many ads that may divert you.

Pros —

  • IndiaBIX is a labyrinth of information on all the topics that you need to prepare for placements.
  • On IndiaBIX, all the sub-topics under the topic Arithmetic Aptitude have a list of formulae included along with the questions on the topics.

Suggested topics —

  • Puzzle and diagram based questions
  • Important formula for a particular topic


Lofoya is another famous choice of students preparing for aptitude tests and placements. It is classified into sections namely Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, and General Knowledge. While the number of questions is not as many as what IndiaBIX offers, it is adequate for someone preparing for an aptitude test. The questions are segregated based on their difficulty level and topic. Almost all the questions are provided with answers and solutions.

Pros —

  • It offers a detailed introduction to the concepts of the tests.
  • It has an inbuilt timer for self-evaluation in practice exercises.

suggested topics —

  • Data Interpretation problems
  • General Knowledge questions


M4maths has a huge collection of questions posted by users on the website to help others. The M4maths team runs a popular daily contest for math puzzles on their website. Also, they provide several maths tricks which will help students to solve several types of questions quickly. M4maths also offers a lot of resources for interview questions (Technical and HR) and group discussions. The ‘Discussion Board’ in M4maths is exclusively designed for this purpose.

Pros —

  • The content in terms of puzzles, tricks, articles, questions, etc. is diverse and good.
  • IT offers company-wise Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

Suggested topics —

  • Maths Tricks and Shortcuts.
  • Previously asked Aptitude questions


Sanfoundry provides free resources on everything related to aptitude. It comes with a wide range of concept-articles across quantitative aptitude, Verbal ability, and logical reasoning, branch-wise questions, topic wise questions. It has the biggest repository of questions covering almost all the technical and non-technical topics.

Pros —

  • It offers many questions on a particular topic.


AmbitionBox was started in 2015 with the goal to help job seekers prepare for interviews. It grew from 0 to 1.5 Lakh users/month in 1.5 years and became one of the most loved platforms in interview prep in the country. Job seekers can write and share company reviews and interview stories, while employers who are registered with us can add their responses to the reviews and join the conversation on our website.

Pros —

  • Provides interview questions and answers from employees


How many times were you frustrated while looking out for a good collection of programming/algorithm/interview questions? What did you expect and what did you get? This portal has been created to provide well written, well thought, and well-explained solutions for the selected questions. Geeksforgeeks may not help you to practice aptitude questions but it provides in-depth details of all the concepts related to algorithms, data structure, CS subjects. Also, many companies arrange technical coding rounds on Geeksforgeeks thus practicing problems will help the students to get used to the interface of the website.

Pros —

  • Detail explanation of all topics.
  • Hands-on practice of coding problems

Assessment Day

AssessmentDay is a beautifully designed website with exceptionally well-written coaching material, designed to fully prepare candidates for their upcoming aptitude tests. The website also offers a very comprehensive paid for selection of practice tests, with answers and full explanations to questions.

Pros —

  • Its paid subscription covers all the topics for preparation
  • Detail explanation for all topics.


Talent Battle Pvt. Ltd. is an Edu-tech Start-up. They have company-specific preparation courses that have helped thousands of students get a job in top companies. The course content includes aptitude, analytics-based test series, Technical and HR interview preparation services. TalentBattle help students to connect with industry experts during their mock Technical and HR interviews conducted. Users can practice and also challenge their friends and other talented minds across the globe.

Pros —

  • Offers company-wise mock tests, preparation packages, combo offers.
  • It has a big repository of study material.

Suggested topics —

  • Video lectures
  • Paid subscription for Aptitude preparation

Testpot is one of the most popular and most comprehensive online test platforms. is the place where you can spend hours practicing hundreds of mock tests on the section of reasoning aptitude and making yourself an erudite. And the best part is that it is free of cost. As per the website, they have more than 150 mock tests.

Pros —

  • Offers company-wise mock tests


My personal recommendation to prepare for the aptitude test is to first brush up on all the basics of the topic. Write down all the formulas of the topic. Take up one topic at a time and finish it with mock tests. one can try different websites to solve questions on the same topic. Before buying the paid subscription attempt the free trial to get an overview. One can also buy some books that are available in the market like R.S. Agrawal aptitude preparation. Attempt company-specific tests before the final tests to get some ideas of the questions. At last, I would suggest practice the more you can.

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